Friday, July 20, 2012

Past Due Book Review

I recently had the opportunity to read a book that was published by one of my blog followers, Elizabeth Seckman called Past Due.

Jenna Austin has a secret that she’s been keeping for fifteen years and the only person who knows is buried six feet under North Carolina soil and isn’t telling a soul.

But, when Tres Coulter bumps into Jenna at a gas station all of the emotions and feelings that Jenna felt fifteen years earlier are still intact. She loved Tres Coulter when she was sixteen and she loved him now. She tries to avoid Tres as much as possible but when fate (in the form of the towns people) force the two together, neither one of them can resist the physical connection.

Jenna is confused, why had Tres returned after all this time? Did he come back to take away her son Tanner? Or was it just coincidental that he showed up out of nowhere? Jenna, against her better judgment meets with Tres where they make sweet passionate love and he confesses that he has loved her every second of his life and Jenna begins to think that he will understand why she had to do what she did.

When she lets out the secret that had been haunting her for over fifteen years, Tres learns that he has a fifteen-year-old biological son that was raised by another man. But, he wants answers and Jenna can give him none that can satisfy his hunger. When the truth unwinds she realizes that everyone including her father, her dead sister, her deceased husband, and Tres’ mother had a part in keeping the two from their happily-ever-after.

Now, Tres wants to be a part of Tanner and Jenna’s lives even after all the secrets and lies. But, can Jenna give up her stubborn I-don’t-need-a man-attitude long enough to win Tres back? You will have to read and find out.

Past Due is an adult romance novel that I really enjoyed reading. At first it was a little slow for my taste but after the third or so chapter I dived into the tragedy of young Jenna’s life and flew right through the content.

It’s a beautifully written story and I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions. Some agents think less is more and in this case I completely disagree. I loved all of them from the sandy dunes to Jenna’s wretched house. I loved it.

The plot wasn’t as strong as it could be but I really enjoyed the relationship between the characters. It felt so right, so natural and wasn’t repeats of books I’ve read before.

I’m not a huge face on 3rd Person POV; but Mrs. Seckman pulled it off. Head hopping is a difficult task to master but it seems that she conquered it. It was a great story and from her acknowledgments page I understand that Past Due is her sister’s story. Color me romantic. She did a very good job with Past Due and I am glad to have had the opportunity to read it.

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