Friday, March 25, 2011

Yes, it's true. I am in fact alive!

Sooooo…rumor has it that I’m a slacker who has tragically become a slave to procrastination. True story? Sadly, yes.

While, I whole heartedly admit that my partner in crime has it far worse than I do, as far as being busy, full of stress, and lacking in free time, I on the other hand have no reasonable excuse for not posting on the blog more than I have. It’s been over a month since I took the time to write down my thoughts about anything that isn’t related to school and that’s just sad and pathetic. And yes, dear readers, I am ashamed.

On a good note, tonight after talking to Stacey, I decided (without conferring with her, which I will do later today since it’s past 4 in the morning lol) that I was going to do some editing on the chapters that we’ve all ready done for AoE: Hell to Pay. I had originally said that I believed it would be a better idea to leave the editing alone until after the entire book is finished, but right now, I feel somewhat detached from the storyline and I need a reminder of what we’ve done and where we’re going. It’s one of those things where I know where the book begins and where it ends, but finding that middle section is eluding me a bit at the moment. Hence, the getting reacquainted with the story and the characters. I don’t know how we’ve gotten so far off track with this book, but we’ve got to get our booties right back on the train and get moving.

I think Stacey and I both need to come up with some form of a schedule where we can start regularly writing on the book. Even if it’s just one or two chapters a week, that’s better than the big old nothing (aside from the chapter 2 that Stacey so brilliantly shot out…I swear she’s an overachiever. ;) ) that’s been the last couple of months. Every little bit helps and I want to get this book done so that we can do revisions on book 1, get it polished and perfected so that we can start working on getting it queried, which is a frightening thought in and of itself.

I swear, there’s just so much more to writing than I ever thought there was. Though I do absolutely love it, writing is hard work. It takes diligence and dedication that I admit I’m struggling to master.

Anywho, I’m drowsy as hell at the moment and my thoughts are starting to bleed together. Seriously, my fingers are typing without an effort on my part. I swear, sometimes they have their own brain that is frequently smarter than the one in my head lol. Sure sign that it’s time to sleep when my fingers start thinking for themselves. So, goodnight, sleep tight, and watch out for vampires…they bite!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

I don't know if it's the vibrant color green, the warming temperatures or the sun that has brought me out of my shell today, but I dove into writing a new chapter in AOE 2. I only whimmed out 1200 words but that was better than the 0 that I would have completed today. Jennifer did some massive research on some of the significant places that we will be presenting in the book. She has our journey mapped out as well too, so when the time comes, we are going to let our hair down and go to town.

I haven't ever talked about my weekends but they are always busy, busy, busy. It seems like I spend my weekends playing catchup with my family. Tmw night is my neices play, Saturday morning is my nephews soccer game, then saturday afternoon is my neices soccer game, then some of my husbands friends have demanded that we make it out to the social scene with them...most likely a resteraunt or a karaoke bar...who knows? Then Sunday, is cleaning, laundry, putting out my patio furniture, putting together my new pergola, seeding the grass, and taking down the christmas lights.

If anyone would care to come and contribute a helping hand, my door is open. Until then, Happy St. Patricks day, and don't forget to get your green on!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This semester started out like a nightmare, but has slowly gotten a little better. My spanish class still leaves me banging my head on a daily basis, and I don't know how anyone in the history of the university that I attend, has ever aced an economics sue me, right now I am barely passing.

It's been a while since I have connected onto the blog. There is a reason behind the lack of postings. It has been an extremely hard last few months, I have had like zero time to even recooperate from the chaos.

But never fear, Jennifer and I talked yesterday and we are going to start laying out and outlining the second book to aoe. Of course, we have already started writing it, but with us not working on it for the last month, we are afraid that we lost our groove. But, scouts honor, the day I graduate on May 14th, the week after that will be like a hurricane. I am going to start jotting down pages like its nothing. Right now, it doesn't make since for me to start writing if I don't have time to complete a whole idea, scene, or chapter. So when I eventually get the chance to sit down and take a few deep breaths, my head will be in my laptop and the tapping of keys will be like music to my ears.

So don't get discouraged, because we sure aren't. And never fear, we got this.