Thursday, September 6, 2012

Re-Inventing Myself....

As soon as I started writing and thinking about being published someday, I started to think of a penname. I knew then I didn’t want to be published as Rebecca Stanichuk and now I don’t want to be published as Rebecca Johnson.

I have been asked by two additional editors to see the full manuscript for Sea of Passion. I was already rejected by Soulmate publishing after sending off my first three chapters. I am hopeful that someday, someone will want to publish my book. It is always fun to dream about what-if’s.

In the submission guideline for both publishing companies they ask for your real name and your penname. I am not published under any name, so I don’t know if I should include a penname or not. But, my question for everyone today is…what should my penname be?

I am sure everyone has heard of how you figure out what your porn name would be. It is your middle name and then the street that you grew up on. My “porn” name would be, Ann Lawson. Not a very sexy porn name, but not bad for an author.  So, in the running is Anne with an e, for Anne of Green Gables or Becca Lawson. I like Lawson for a last name, it is easy to remember and it is easy to pronounce.

So, I am asking for comments. What should my porn, I mean penname be?  The choices are Anne Lawson or Becca Lawson.

 NOTE: you can’t comment on the blog page unless you have a g-mail account. Or you can comment on my facebook thread. Please weigh in and let me know which name you like best!

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