Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Savvy Authors - Pitch Your Book To Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary

Visit: Savvy Authors - Pitch Your Book To Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary

Trying to catch the eye of an editor? Well, now's your chance! Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary will be reading pitches today. SUBMISSIONS REQUESTED: Jill is interested in all types of women's fiction, commercial fiction, mystery, thriller, cozy, and suspense, all types of romance, including contemporary, romantic suspense, historical, and category romance and urban fantasy/sci-fi. She also would like to see non-fiction projects, including business, history, current events, relationships/advice, parenting, self-help, health, science, and narrative non-fiction.

Members will have an opportunity to post their 3-line pitch or a short blurb as a comment to this post. Results will be posted within two weeks. Check back to see if you've scored a request! Who can enter?Contest is open to all registered members of Savvy Authors. Not a member? JOIN TODAY! Basic membership is FREE! All entries must be from registered members.

Entries posted anonymously (by non-members) will be removed. If anyone has any questions, please contact Riley Darkes.

The rules are simple:
1.Post your 3-line pitch or a short blurb in the comments section of this article after logging into the website, include at the top the Title, Genre, Sub-genre & Word Count.
2.Make sure your manuscript falls within the genres listed above!
3.Only post if your manuscript is ready now!
4.Check back to see who our Editor/Agent picked! Results posted within two weeks. (Minimum of one, no maximum!)
5.Limit two pitches per member.
6.Be sure to include your name, title, genre and word count of your manuscript. Please note, all pitches that do not follow the directions chance being removed without notice.

This includes posting more than two pitches and pitches that are longer than requested. Jill Marsal is a partner at the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. She has been in the publishing industry almost 15 years, previously working as a Literary Agent with the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency and at Dorchester Publishing, editing women's fiction, romance, and suspense/thrillers. On the fiction front, Jill looks for all types of romance (contemporary, romantic suspense, histo rical, and category), women's fiction and family stories, cozy mysteries, suspense, and thrillers.

She is also looking for general commercial fiction and welcomes a dramatic storyline and compelling characters in interesting situations or relationships. On the non-fiction side, Jill's areas of interest include business, current events, health, self-help/advice, relationships, psychology, humor, how-to, parenting, and narrative non-fiction.

Jill enjoys working with both new and experienced authors. For more information visit the agency web site at www.MarsalLyonLiteraryAgency.com.

The Marsal Lyon Literary Agency is dedicated to helping authors successfully place their work. Our members have many years of experience in the publishing industry and possess a diverse and unique skill set. We have worked with many bestselling and award-winning authors, as well as first-time authors, and look forward to continuing to bring exceptional projects to the market.

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