Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, William Faulkner, John Grisham, E.E. Cummings, Judy Bloom, Margaret Mitchell, Dr. Seuss…do these names look familiar? I’d hope so, they are only some of the most well known and established authors of all time. Do you know why else they look familiar? Because each of these authors were rejected whenever they sent their manuscripts to literary agents.

Looking at this list of successful writers, who I couldn’t hold a candle in the dark to, I’m amazed. Who in their right mind would have passed up Carrie, Harry Potter or Gone with the Wind? Exactly.

We have successfully queried 35 agents. We received one request for a partial, twenty-four form rejections/No replies and we are waiting on ten agents to reply. And looking down at that number, 35, it doesn’t sound so bad whenever I compare it to legends.

I knew going into writing that it is very subjective. Not everyone will like what I write but I’m waiting for my time to come and it will. That time when I will blow the socks off of the New York Best Seller’s List and reap the benefits of being a dedicated writer. Until then, I’ll leave the un-published writer’s a bit of advice. Don’t give up because the authors I listed above, didn’t and look where they are now.

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elizabeth seckman said...

I keep reminding myself of that, but sometimes, it's tough not to lose a bit of wind in the sails. Hope you get hurricane gales!