Monday, August 29, 2011


WriteOnCon was awesome! Come to find out I won a 15-page critique from the YA Muses!!!! So needless to say, Age of Eden has been getting a facelift. Not minor nip and tucks but a complete transfiguration. We are taking our manuscript from third person to first person. Bangs head. It is a huge headache. This week Jennifer and I are going to focus on getting the remainder of the manuscript into shape and hopefully before the end of the week, we will be able to send it off. Cross your fingers for good reviews.

On another note—we have yielded our query process for AOE so we can make these changes. I’m hoping that with enough lipstick we can make this thing awesome. It was definitely lacking something before and I think it was the MC’s voice. Ava—even though she is the main character—no one could ever get a feel for her and in the end it will only make the book stronger.

Not to mention, we realized how beneficial it was to read the manuscript out loud. Sounds funny and hard but we really did….we found all kinds of wordy sentences and grammar errors by doing so. That is definitely something I would recommend to writers…note to self—always read manuscript out loud lol.

Other than that, I’ll hopefully be posting tomorrow with a book review for Richelle Mead’s new Vampire Academy spinoff series, Bloodlines. Have a happy Monday!

P.S. Is it too early to be decorating for Halloween? I hope not.

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