Monday, November 28, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Want-To-Be-Author

Days like today--cold, rainy, mucky, make me want to shrivel up and hide under the largest fleece blanket I can find and watch all the re-runs from the Hallmark channel. It's comfort food, for me at least.

But, I can't. I'm forced to rise at the break of dawn to start my day, stumbling around in this depressing fog I call work. And then, if I'm lucky, I get to take a sneak peek at one of my majorly neglected manuscripts which is a constant reminder of my procrastination.

And it's Cyber Monday and as fitting as it is, I find myself checking out the online deals (Wal-mart, Sears, and Old Navy) mostly, wishing that I was in a winter wonderland rather than working. Or better--on the shop at home network selecting some awesome christmas gifts for my co-writers.

Then there is NaNoWriMo which was not a success, but Jennifer and I are almost completely finished gutting our existing manuscript of Age of Eden--which was progress. And now, we have to fill in all the holes to get the transitions right in the book. And though it is the holidays, one year ago from Thanksgiving, Jenna and I had our first "working" manuscript. And we are still miles away from completing the rewrite.

Gah, if only I could quit work and write. But I can't. So, the slow progress is all we have and is better then nothing. I need to quit dragging, pick up my feet, and put on my thinking cap. So, I can start writing on my other manuscripts. Someone, please send me some motivation for christmas. It would be very much appreciated.

Okay, back to the droning. Hope everyone has a great week.

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