Monday, January 2, 2012

HELLO 2012!!!!!!!

Happy 2012, the year said to be the END of the WORLD.

Until then, you will find me typing on my laptop and starving myself to death, in hopes of losing weight to complete my new year’s resolution. How depressing, I know. But, this year, I am focusing on me. Getting my mind, body, and soul back into shape. Starting with a rigorous exercise and diet, I’m going to start doing things for me…usually I make writing my secondary job, and this year I vow to make it just as important as my primary job.

That includes, BLOGGING. Yes, my friends, I am thoroughly excited and hope that I can stay on this motivated path that I have veered off of so many times in the past. But enough about that, I’m working on several of my old novels…I’m going to try to complete thoughts before I get tempted to do another SNN. Several great ideas are floating around in my brain waiting to be delivered to the world. I can’t wait. Now, I have to update my co-pilot, Jennifer, get her on board with my ideas, and then we can WAM BAM Thank you MAM, these awesome ideas.

I started a new critique group accumulated of several SCBWI members, for a YA/MG fiction. I’m super excited as they will be critiquing the first 5k words of Age of Eden; The Key. That starts on Sunday. I’m psyched. Other than that, I hope everyone had a great holiday but I’m ready to dive into my books and do what I love most, write.

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