Friday, October 19, 2012

Going Outside of my Comfort Zone

In my family, I am the quiet one. I come from a family of talkers. I don’t think my brother Brandon ever stops talking. My son who is two and half just started talking and he talks non-stop all day long. I like to think that I am a pretty outgoing and talkative person. I can be shy and reserved at first. The initial start up is what I have a hard time with. I don’t normally approach someone and start telling them my life story. I wait for them to approach me first before I tell them my drama.

At the COFWC (Central Ohio Fiction Writers Conference) we were told that we should confront the other editors and agents there even if we don’t have an appointment and to talk to them. Right away I got butterflies in my stomach. I could pitch when I had an appointment already set, but to go up to a stranger and try to sell my idea made me nervous.

After the morning keynote speech from Simone Elkeles, which was amazing, I saw Editor Emily Keyes go out into the lobby. I followed her. As she ate her apple I approached her and started the conversation. I ended up pitching my story and she asked for me to send her the first three chapters and synopsis of Dreamer. I conquered my fear! There was something about her demeanor that I liked. She seemed shy and apprehensive which made me like her more. I have sent her the pages and I am eagerly waiting for a reply.

I got my rejection letter from Kristin Nelson two days ago. It was a very nice rejection letter. I didn’t cry when I got this one. I knew it was coming. I am not being pessimistic on this actually. I knew after pitching to her and hearing some of the stories that she liked, I knew that we wouldn’t be a fit. So, I am OK with the rejection this time because I am very hopeful that someone else is going to fall in love with my story and my characters, just like I have.

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Elizabeth Seckman said...

It all takes time. Frustrating how much sometimes, but the tenacious get through the door!