Friday, October 12, 2012


Hey Peeps!

I’m going to be experimenting with Vlogging this weekend. For people who don’t know what it is that is video blogging. I’m going to sit down and rant about my inspirations, favorite authors, distractions, the trials and pitfalls of being a writer, etc. I am hoping to have it completed and posted by Monday. It might be earlier or later, depending on my complications and what edits, etcetera I decide to include in the video. After all, this is my first one.

I’m hoping it will be a smash. Or a wreck. Either way, it will definitely be entertaining. Who knows? I might go into spews concerning different rounds of social media, how to socialize, twitter, Facebook, and moderate different writer’s pages.

I’m excited. I hope you guys don’t get bored. But, hopefully when I’m done everyone will get a clear idea about the things I love, the reason I write, and the motivation it takes to complete a book. Until VLOG release day, I bid you adieu and hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

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