Friday, October 5, 2012

Lessons Learned

Stacey and I went to the Central Ohio’s Fictions Writers Conference last weekend. I learned so much at the conference, that I want to share with everyone. On account of the fact that I learned so much, this would be a very long blog post, so I will start with what I learned on the way to the conference.

First, I learned that I need to stop rejecting technology. In the solitude of my car I felt comfortable letting loose and belting out along with Bon Jovi, when my CD skipped. Yes, you read that correctly, I said when my CD skipped. I am still listening to CD’s when I have an iphone. I only have three songs on my iphone though. I just haven’t loaded any of my music onto it. I rarely listen to music in the car. My first lesson was that I need to get rid of my CD’s and get hip with my iphone!

Actually my second realization I came to was also while listening to music. I went back to the classics and put in my Meatloaf CD. It made me miss listening to my brother Troy play the piano. He is an amazing pianist.

While listening to Meatloaf I became confused. I was listening to the song I Will Do Anything for Love. It is a great song, I was singing along to this one too, when I started to think about the words. I will do anything for love, but I won’t do that. But, he doesn’t say what that is!  It started to infuriate me! I want to know what he won’t do. What is so important or wrong or gross that it trumps love? Then it got me thinking, is there anything that I would put my foot down to and say the same thing. Haven’t we all done that already in the past? Was it worth it in the end?



EmilyPenn said...

So I know this was supposed to be a question that really got you thinking and not so literally but I needed to answer the meatloaf question for real! I don't know if you remember this, but I used to love this meatloaf song when I was younger. Literally every time dad took Megan and I to pizza hut(the only reason I ever did book-its), I would always play this on the jukebox. Well because of my love for this song, I searched for the answer on the internet and I found the answer! At the end of the song the girl says something about how he'll be "screwing around" and he say's he won't do that over and over again. It's cheating. That's what he won't do for love. I was so disappointed. I wanted it to be something totally crazy! Hahahaha

Love you!!


Stacey Hays said...

I didn't really think you would find an answer, lol.