Thursday, September 22, 2011

I got a Golden Ticket!

As depressed as I am, nothing can perk me up like a last minute WRITER’S RETREAT, with none other than Jennifer and a few other book lovers. After being down in the dumps for a few weeks, it was just announced that GM Bowling Green will be down the week of October 3rd. So what does that mean for me? That I will be off of work from September 30th through October 9th!!!!

Some people will be depressed about the announcement but let’s face it, I need a break. I am burnt out and I am EXTREMLY exhausted. I need to be inspired by nature, hell—by other people that aren’t coworkers or spouses. I need an OUT and I need one NOW. So, next weekend, Jennifer and I have arranged a little road trip to Lake Barkley Lodge in western Kentucky. We will have pics posted on October 3rd of our trip and the things we’ve learned, what our goals were, and if we met our own expectations at the writer’s retreat. Either way, we will give you guys the scoop.

So I bet you are wondering, where in the hell did you get an idea for a writer’s retreat…none other than a group of fellow writer’s: The YA Muses. Jennifer and I have been pounding our manuscripts and we came to halt in production and I think it’s because we just ran out of ideas, storylines, whatever it may be…procrastination included, we are hoping that this road trip will be the first of many successes in our writing career. Until next week, when I will post pics of the place we’re staying in—adieu.

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