Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inspiraton, HA!

This is a real conversation between Jennifer and me:

“Jennifer, I need inspiration. Give me inspiration.”

“Dude, I can't inspire you when I don't have any inspiration of my own. You need to have a talk with your Muse.”

“I would but she isn’t answering my phone calls.”

“She probably needs a vacation too.”

Every day for the last week, I have been pounding my head against this imaginary concrete wall called writer’s block. Jennifer’s solution was to send me a bunch of links to blogs talking about writers block and what did it teach me? Writer’s block is when you are having issues writing a scene or writing around a storyline….writer’s block is not emptiness. And that’s what I have. No ideas, no grand theories or storylines floating around in my noggin. A matter of fact, all I hear is crickets.

And then these blogs listed solutions to my so called ‘emptiness’ and that’s what I am going to do to get inspired…this road trip is not just a writer’s retreat. It’s a dream haven of excellent ideas. I hope the lake is as full with fish as my brain will be with ideas when I return on Sunday. I want to be overflowing with words instead of this emptiness that has filled my body. I’m going to drink down plenty of inspirations and wine—in the hopes of making huge leaps and bounds in my books and maybe, just maybe will I be successful in my attempt to finish my YA paranormal novel. If not, I have all next week to work on it because I’m on vacation. Thank God.

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