Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It’s such a struggle to blog when you have a full time job and a family. Since I’ve graduated I have been so scatter brained and haven’t felt like I have accomplished anything. With that said, I’m still trying to do weekly book reviews on the blog but I would also like to start doing some weekly author reviews, starting with some of my favorite authors.

This week we’re featuring one of the paranormal fantasy romance genre authors (if there is such a genre.)

Mrs. Laurell K. Hamilton the brilliant writer of the Anita Blake Series, the Meredith Gentry Series, Nightseer, Star Trek's Nightshade, and Ravenloft's Death of a Darkloard. I have already done a book review on her most recent book Hitlist, but I still feel that is important to give her the credit she deserves. She is my FAVORITE author…those are some very steep words and shouldn’t be used lightly, but it’s true. She is my absolute most favorite author, which is subject to change, of course.

Since the very first few paragraphs I read of Guilty Pleasures, the first of her twenty novel series, I was sucked into the St. Louis drama with none other than her lover Jean Claude. I have been addicted to the Anita Blake series and am one of those die-hard fans that are patiently awaiting the date for her next release.

And for aspiring writers, this is her own writing publication Experience,” I sat down and began to write a novel in Anita’s world. I had about 70 pages done when I went to Archon a St. Louis convention. There I would read those few pages to a packed room. Why a packed room for an unknown writer? They thought I was Melissa Snodgrass who was doing scripts for Star Trek: Next Generation. She’d had to cancel at the last minute, but her name was still on the door of the room. Since they didn’t know what she looked like, and didn’t know me, they sat down for her, but stayed for me reading what would eventually be GUILTY PLEASURES, the first Anita Blake novel. I read them those pages because I needed to know I wasn’t wasting my time. When I finished reading the room was dead silent, and my heart fell to my feet. I thought they hate it. Then out of that silence came gasps, applause and cries of, “When will it be published?” I had no idea. “Read us more!” I couldn’t, because I’d read them all I had, but it gave me hope and I went home and finished it.

GUILTY PLEASURES would take at least two years to sale. Everyone liked it, but no one wanted to buy it. It was the same problem that I’d had with the short story. It would finally sale to Penguin Putnam, as an Ace original. I got a three book contract out of it, and I was ecstatic. After my first series dying with only one book out, I knew there’d be at least three Anita Blake novels.”

So even if you have the best novel in the world, sometimes its years before you receive recognition. I hope you all enjoyed my personal joy of her books and if you would like to find out more information about her visit her website: http://www.laurellkhamilton.org/

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julie fedderson said...

I had no idea it took 2 years to sell Anita Blake! Laurel Hamilton was my first introduction into the paranormal romance genre--and I owe her so much! Great post.