Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm as Cold as Ice

Many of you have noticed that my blog has come to a halt. All I can say is after opening and closing every day at work for almost two weeks straight, I barely have enough energy to shower and brush my teeth. And Jennifer hasn’t written this week because she hasn’t had internet so needless to say, our blog isn’t exactly the ‘happening place’ right now.

I haven’t wrote in any of my books in over a week and it is depressing me…Kelly Hansen from Foreigner said it best last week when I attended the Journey, Foreigner, and Night Ranger concert in Nashville, Tennessee. He said that, ‘Any artist, singer, dancer, and writer have to make new material and keep making it or they will shrivel up and die.’ And I am starting to believe him; my eyes are sinking in as we speak.

It’s been a difficult month for me. I have literally cut myself off from my family, writing partners and just the whole world in general. I’m aggravated and disappointed with everyone and everything and I feel like I could actually move to the other side of the United States and it wouldn’t bother me emotionally. Is that crazy or what? The people who are reading this who actually know me, must be thinking that I have lost my marbles because they know how family oriented I am. But seriously, after my Twin’s wedding, I’ve just been getting the shaft from everyone so I cut myself off and haven’t communicated with anyone.

Sort of gone into a depression, not to mention that the YA muses have had our Age of Eden manuscript for over three weeks and they still aren’t finished critiquing it. Really? I mean, I am glad after all, that I won the critique but dang, they are killing me. Okay, I’m done. I’m getting off here and getting back to life. Have a good one.

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