Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Regional NANOWRIMO Meeting

Today, Stacey and I had the pleasure of meeting fellow writers for the first regional NANOWRIMO meeting of 2011. As Stacey posted in the earlier post, November is National Novel Writing Month, and we have made it our goal to write 50,000 words in our novels during the month of November. With our colleagues today, we shared techniques of success to NANOWRIMO, and ways that we could achieve our 50,000 words. A few of these include the following:
1. Be consistent in your writing. Don't put off writing today only to give yourself more work tomorrow.
2. Set a goal. Set a goal for how many words you want to accomplish in one day i.e 5000 words or one more chapter.
3. Find your motivation. To have success in writing, what is your motivation?
4. Lean on a support group. There are tons of support groups that are there to offer words of encouragement and outsiders views. Utilize these groups to help achieve your goals.
5. Let it flow. The concept of NANOWRIMO is to write as much as you can doing the best you can.

These are only a few suggestions that we discussed. We also did a writing exercise which allowed are thoughts to flow, and allowed the creative juices to be shared in our group. All in all, meeting fellow writers, discussing our genres, and sharing our ideas of what we plan on doing for NANOWRIMO was a great experience. It is nice to know that next month when we are pushing ourselves to the limit, there are going to be others out there working just as hard.

We are planning for future meetings during this upcoming month, so stay tuned for future NANOWRIMO meetings.

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