Monday, April 23, 2012

South Central Kentucky Writer's Conference

The last few months have been hectic and as much as I love writing I’ve become sidetracked by other ventures. But, right now…I promise, I will try harder.

The Bowling Green Writer’s Conference was a huge success.  Tina, Jennifer, and a fourth wheel to our aspirations joined us from Michigan. Rebecca flew in on Friday, we left from the airport and drove straight to the conference. This was Becca and Tina's first writer's conference...we learned loads. We got to meet numerous authors who were fantastic:

Heather Graham – She was the most humble person. She even took a picture with us!!! Completely and honestly, one of the most kindest people I've ever met.

Lori Copeland-She gave a lecture on co-authoring….fantastic.

Lee Martin-Witty…kept telling us jokes about how a guy walks into the bar with a large slab of asphalt. The bartender says, “What would you like?” The guys replies, “I’ll have a beer and one for the road”. Ha, Ha.

Rachel Hawkins-Funny and I could see us being good friends…her tastes are similar to ours. She writes fantastic YA Books.

Regina Jeffers-Of course, we are all in love with Mr. Darcy and we have all had the pleasure indulging in her books.

Molly Harper- Graduate from WKU!!! Makes romance novels with a little BITE!

Deanna Raybourn-Genuinely kind. Took lots of time to talk and discuss our writing aspirations. We all bought her book…she’s very unconvential and so, so, so humble.

Virginia Smith- has had the pleasure in co-authoring books with notorious Lori Copeland…very educated in contracts and the writing business.

Now, we are all excited and looking forward to the next few months. I foresee us pumping out massive word counts…one can only hope.

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Becca Johnson said...

It was a great weekend in Kentucky at the writers conference. It made me excited to get back to writing! Meeting Heather Graham was a dream come true! I need my girls to help keep me on track and keep on writing! My goal is to write everyday...just get something down on paper.
Also, can I get the information you have Stacey on agents and how to write a query letter. My ultimate goal is to start sending them out by the end of May, so I better get crackin! Thanks ladies for a fantastic weekend!!