Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Age of Eden Query-Suggestions?

 Well, I’m going to post my query for Age of Eden only for the fact that I don’t feel like blogging properly today. And since Tina conveniently forgot that Monday was her day (it’s not her fault) than I will post today and Thursday, so yeah. Here it goes. Let me know if you have suggestions, this is a rough, rough, rough, rough version. Thanks and have a great day.

Dear Agent,

The fallen angels will stop at nothing to get to seventeen-year-old Ava Monroe, even if that means possessing one of her friends, blackmailing her, invading her dreams, and crashing her prom.

When a group of blood thirsty angels learn of Ava's identity, they attack her but retreat when they are ambushed by the heavenly guardians. The guardians: Barak and his three sidekicks take Ava to their leader where she learns that she is a direct descendent of Eve, her special bloodline creates a key that opens the gates to Eden every hundred years. It is the guardians job to protect Ava and keep her safe at all costs that includes: enrolling sexy Barak into Ava's private school to become her personal body guard, not allowing Ava outside of the house unless it's to school, not allowing her to tell anyone about her heritage, and establishing crappy guidelines that will help her succeed in her mission to open the gates to Eden a.k.a. more dictating rules from the guardians.

Ava refuses to go to Eden until after she graduates allowing the fallen to make multiple attacks on her life. But, they found the perfect way to sway Ava to their side; they have kidnapped her BFF Erica. Now Ava has two choices: to join the fallen angels and save her friend or join the guardians, risk Erica’s life and save all of mankind.

KEY OF EDEN is a 70,000 word YA paranormal romance. It is the joint effort of Stacey Hays and Jennifer Nichols. We are members of SCBWI and contributing authors to the blog Our Pages Aren’t Numbered.

Thank you for your time.

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