Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I have to Begin Somewhere....

Yesterday, I didn’t accomplish too much. I wrote out an idea to see where it led me. Needless to say, it was to another SNN. But, sometimes ideas have a way of leading their own direction. Halfway through the day I was also hit with a new SNN from Jennifer. It was funny because she was like BAM, hit with a sci-fi. I think it’s funny. But, they always say you should write what you know. And for me that is urban fantasy….so I’ll see where this new idea takes me, hopefully to a finish line.

Tina hasn’t has an online presence in forever and this is for several reasons. She just graduated from Western Kentucky University with a teaching degree and right now she is trying to finish her bachelor in legal studies. She only has three classes left and she’ll be finished. I am super proud of her. She has been working her butt off for too long. And I know exactly how she feels. Lord knows I am so glad that I graduated.

Becca has been busy. She has been subbing at a school in Michigan. I got to see her in December twice. Once at the beginning of December and then once at the end. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make a trip up soon to see her again. She’s been working on her books too. After receiving rejections all the time, I understand now why you have to be as tough then steel to be a writer. There is just, so much rejection. And it’s so hard to have people who aren’t as passionate about your material as you are.

I guess I am sort of proud. This is the second consecutive day I’ve written on the blog. I guess that counts for something. Even if it isn’t writing my novels. Other than that, I’m busy working every day and working on my fitness at the gym. I have a great feeling about 2013. Everyone have a great day and Hakuna Matata.

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