Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The New Year and a New Me!

The New Year has begun…and I have made several resolutions involving my health. Sadly, the most important which includes my writing goals has gone unanswered. The entire month of December came and went in a blur of excitement and now I’ve been up to my ears in healthy foods and exercise in an attempt to lose weight. I wish writing could be as easy as exercise. But, I had to join the gym just so I would gain the motivation to go. Maybe that is what I should do with writing…maybe, I need to designate a time/place to write every day and just do it. But, my mind always draws a blank and I’m tired of having a million half started books. I want a finished book! Something I can call my own.

This weekend was the first weekend I visited with Jennifer in almost a year. A year! I went from spending every day talking and bouncing creative ideas off each other to bare minimum communication. So, my goal is to start talking to my three writing partners again. And, I want to set up a time at least once a week that we can all sit down and chat online. Where we can tell each other our goals, relay our progress, and give each other the support we need to complete our writing aspirations.

It’s going to be hard. But, nothing valuable in life was earned from sitting on your bottom and not working for it. With that said, I’m ready. World, it’s your turn…start holding me accountable. And that’s just it…dieting alone is hard. Dieting alone when you have a team of support is easy. Same difference with writing. Writing alone is hard; writing with a group is easier.

Now, it’s time for me to jump back into writing. I hope everyone has a great day and feel free to comment or leave me advice on what gives you motivation and what routine have you set in place to accomplish your literary goals.

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