Monday, August 6, 2012

Pitching, Writing, Life...etc.

Hello All-
            Just wanted to give everyone a quick rundown about what’s been going on in Stacey Land. I’ve been editing several books at one time, one of them is AGE OF EDEN and the other is THE FIRST 22 (subject to change.) Why am I not working on VENGEANCE? Because, Becca and I have decided to meet in Columbus, Ohio on September 28th, to attend the Central Ohio Fiction Writer’s conference and I want to pitch a book that I know is ready.

            Who will I be pitching to? Editor Whitney Ross from Forge Publishing, Editor Heather Osborn from Samhain Publishing, Agent Kristin Nelson from Nelson Literary Agency, Carlie Webber from Jane Rotrosen Agency and Emily Keyes from L. Perkins Agency. Am I excited? Hell yes! Am I nervous? Hell yes! This will be my first pitch session with a real agent…needless to say, I’m scared to death. I might even cry.

            Besides that, I’ve been reading lots of other literature lately. Some of which I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the authors and/or becoming close acquaintances with. I was lucky enough to have the chance to read the HEX HALL, three book series by Rachel Hawkins which I met at the Bowling Green Writer’s convention…it was a fantastic YA series that kept me on my toes the entire time. And the more I think about it, maybe I should have a love triangle in one of my books…it seems like the only plot that keeps me at hello. I also read a book called PRETTY AMY by Lisa Burstein. It was a different genre then I’m use to, but it was still good. Lisa and I are twitter buddies, seems like Twitter has been my stepping stone into the literary world.

            Other than that, I’ve been crazy busy at my regular fulltime job and hope that this conference will finally give me a big break. Cross my fingers. Moving forward, besides my strenuous writing efforts, I’ve been hard core dieting and exercising which sounds like a miracle in this heat. I’m hoping that after this Olympic shindig dies down I will no longer be tempted to watch the U.S. rise and win it all, but, be focused on my books and ready to get my name out there. I hope everyone has an awesome week and for more details about the writer’s conference we will be attending, please follow the link below: 

            Hakuna Matata and have a fantastic week!

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