Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Signed, Sealed, Delivered...

Well actually, edited, attached, hit send! I just finished my edits on my historical romance novel to send to Char Chaffin at Soul Mate Publishing. I pitched my books to agents and editors last week on the Savvy Author website. Not all of the results are back in, but my three line pitch for Sea of Passion was requested!  I am trying to not get my hopes too far up…but too late!

After having been rejected early this summer, I went to work on using the constructive criticism to help make my writing better. This is the first test to see how I did.

 I also took a logline, pitch, and query class on-line too. It was a great class. A query letter is basically the cover letter to send out to agents and editors. I found lots of templates on line to follow, but I didn’t know which one to really go with. So, the class was extremely helpful. I had no problem writing the query, but it was lacking. It was too bare bones. I wrote it like a business letter or a history essay question. I wrote clear concise answers on what my book was about. But, I forgot a key element. This isn’t a history essay…no one likes to read history essays!  I needed to answer the questions about my book, but add in my writing style and make it sound exciting so that someone wants to read my book. So, after my class with the help from a published and successful author, I think I got that part down now.  At least it landed me a request from an editor.

 I have learned that writing a book is actually the easy part! I know I can do that, I have twice already. My next move is to finish edits on both my books and to send them out to a bunch of agents.

Keep your fingers crossed for me! I will let you know good or bad the fate for SEA OF PASSION!

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