Friday, August 17, 2012

Silver Lining Part II

WriteOnCon was an invaluable experience this year. I think that I have been so focused on line edits that I haven’t been able to see the bigger point which is plot issues. And after spending so much time reading editor remarks and agent responses I have come to an agreement that I have edited my books too much. It’s time to free them. Send them out into the world to get rejected or accepted (if fate has it my way).

I signed up for Savvy authors and I will be pitching both novels: KEY OF EDEN and GRIM. I am really excited and I have already received so much great feedback on both. I can’t lose.

Also, I will be attending the Central Ohio’s Writer’s Conference with Becca at the end of September. I’m really excited. Two days of awesomeness.

And, I’ve come to a realization about a few things….I didn’t know what voice was before. But, now I do. And when I read my query for GRIM it has the “it” factor I was looking for. It’s sassy and it’s perfect. A few more edits on it and I will be sending it out.

Currently, I’m reading through Key of Eden. I’m doing a few grammar edits and checking on plot points but other than that I am hoping that I get finished reading it by Sunday or so…depending on the next couple of days. And then I want to do a quick read through of my reapers book which as you’ve noticed I have decided to retitle to GRIM.

I’m a writer. Many days I hate myself for it. It shows my weaknesses. But, it also shows my drive and strengths. I agree with Becca. The silver lining is around the corner, I can feel it.

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Becca Johnson said...

I would love to read your query for GRIM!

I can't wait to see you in September! I have a lot of work to get done on my books before then!

Now I have to perfect my three line pitches for next week!