Thursday, June 7, 2012


FYI: It’s official.

I have been tempted and given in to my new SNN (Slutty New Novel)!!! GRRRR. I couldn’t help it. It wouldn’t go away! I begged and begged for inspiration on my reapers book and I just couldn’t do it. Now, I am dedicated to my new book called WITH A VENGEANCE. It’s a cool new criminal paranormal mystery fiction novel. Is that even a genre? Who knows?

In case you haven’t noticed Jennifer and I have both published visible widgets on our blog page Our Pages Aren’t Numbered, now everyone can see our writing progress on our SNN’s. Thus far I have completed an average of 2,700 words per day. If I write everyday at least 2,700 hundred words I will have met my quota in thirty days. Of course, that is a very aggressive deadline…but it is happening. I refuse not to write everyday and give into the temptation of procrastination. This book is happening. And I grow more and more excited. The best part about this book is I can literally throw in any type of craziness (conflict) and in the end it will all still tie in together.

I started it by typing out a general outline of everything I wanted in the book. And as I began to write my characters begin to run away from the outline and I have had to add in some scenes that weren’t mentioned as planned but are necessary to move the plot along. That is all that matters anyway. But, I am super excited. This is more different than anything I have ever written before and I hope I don’t disappoint. Okay, got to run. Adios my friends.

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