Monday, January 17, 2011

Character Names

Most readers don't realize how much time goes into creating names for characters. For instance, depending on the origin or location of the plot, you have to take that country's identity into accountability. I.E. if you are writing a book about Greek mythology then you would want to have names with a Greek origin.

In our book, Age of Eden, it is completely bible related. Therefore, names that we have chosen are either of Hebrew origin or names that are derived from the bible itself. Of course, we had to thoroughly investigate each one of the character's names, finding the meaning before we ever completely decided.

What we found easiest was also putting a face to a name. Literally. Jennifer and I went through hundreds of pictures of celebrity faces that fit the characters that we had invented in our heads. We did a whole mock profile of each of the characters including their talents, clothing, weapons (if necessary), specializations, and their role in the book.

Whenever we did our outline of the book it was so much easier writing it, knowing the "people" (faces) that would be in those designated scenes.

If you ever get stuck on a characters attributes or personality, find a picture that reminds you of that person. Knowing what a person looks like when writing is the easiest way to describe a character accurately. Quit wasting your time, unless you can clearly see a picture in your head of the character, then go character searching...get your character identity down.

Because if you don't know who or what your character looks like, then the reader will definitely be confused on your character's identity.

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