Saturday, January 15, 2011

Creative Outlets

Most people don’t realize that authors have a BIGGER job than just creating a masterpiece. They are also in charge of finding creative outlets that allow them to develop new ideas, characters and emotions.

I am constantly; painting model cars or painting new art for the bedroom, decorating and rearranging items in my house, making pot holders, scrapbooking, or cooking. I would even consider having a marathon of your favorite TV show a legit outlet. All of which are fantastic ways to get release.

Not to mention reading, staying current with other authors. I’d say that is a lot of author’s pitfalls. They don’t stay up to date with other literary ideas and current material. Weekly, if not daily, I read a book from an author, not necessarily in my genre but more or less to get the writing styles and ideas that are popular. Every week I check out the Sunday paper. I always look at the best sellers list. Most of the time, out of the top ten books, I have already read over half of the bestsellers.
Go on random book sprees. I have two big book cases. Naturally, I have filled them up with books I love but also with books that I have never read and that I intend on reading. I have random books from Anne Rice, Stephen King, John Grisham, Danielle Steele, J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Laurell K. Hamilton, Richelle Mead, P.C. and Kristen Cast, V.C Andrews, Nicholas Sparks, Charlotte Bronte, James Patterson, Cassandra Clare, J.R. Ward, and of course some of my personal favorites from Jane Austen. Just obtain a mixture of different types and from different genres that allow you to understand and respect literature from the past and present.

I think that if I didn’t enjoy reading so much, then I would have never have attempted to become an author. It’s hard work and it isn’t for the faint at heart. It’s for the hard core, stubborn headed, never give up trying kind of people. Because it is already pre-destined, that the first publisher who reads our book is going to write a big FAT “No” on the manuscript. No problem. That just leaves more room for other literary agents. Even some of my favorite authors, sent out their books over a hundred times before anyone ever became interested in them. Now those authors are living high off the hog and writing full time for a living, which is every writers dream.

So as a writer, just remember that writing isn’t just about writing. It’s about having fun in other things, so that when you do write you can be innovative and prosper in your literary journey.

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Our Pages Aren't Numbered said...

Amen sister! I know exactly what you mean. And its not just reading to see what is popular where style is concerned, there's a lot to be learned from other authors, even if its only to learn more about our own writing.

You know I've been reading Stephen King's "On Writing" and he talks about how no matter how advanced you are as a writer, you never stop learning about Your craft. Whether it be expanding your vocabulary or experimenting and improving upon your own personal style, everything we read or write is another learning experience. The biggest And most important thing we can do is just write and keep on writing. Even in those day when its all we can do is get out of bed, its important to get something on paper whether it's a specific scene, a chapter, or just a blog entry. Writing is the key to writing better.

Anyewho, we're definitely on the same page. ;)