Monday, January 31, 2011

Update on Age of Eden

As of Friday, Jen and I have finished the prologue and first chapter of book number two, in our Age of Eden series: Hell to Pay. We are trying out a few different methods of writing and researching, to see what fits us best. The two chapters that we have completed, flew by us both and I have to say Jenn’s prologue is fantastic. Probably one of the best, descriptive pieces I have ever read in my life. No lie.

Now, I’m trying to get motivated on writing the next few chapters. With school and work…I feel like someone has been beating my brain. Probably Jennifer trying to squeeze some ideas out of me…it’s all her fault.

I heard some great feedback from one of our readers on Friday. She pretty much said our book was awesome. She did say that we needed to have things flow a little better in a few of the chapters, and a few scenes all together could be cut. I’m going to print her out a copy of it this week, so she can go through and edit the grammar and punctuation.

Another one of our readers said that our idea was neat and innovative and that she had never read a story line like ours. I was happy that it was different. She will be finished with it by the end of the week hopefully.

Other than that…that’s the update of what has been going on. Enjoy.

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