Wednesday, January 19, 2011


If you think that you know how to edit, then you don't know sh*t! I had a discussion with Jennifer yesterday in regards to our book, Age of Eden. I have worked on the first 75 pages of the book for the last two days, literally. *Bangs head! Only 180 pages left to go.

This has been the most gruesome procedure in the whole writing process. Tenses, grammar, sentence structure, it never is good enough. I don't even want to know how professionals tackle it and I am pretty sure that if I had to become a professional editor then I would go ahead and quit my job, to live like a hermit in the himalayas. This is just so repetitive. It's like Iv'e been reading the same thing over and over and over. Which technically I have. I'm hoping that this will be the last run through before we send it out.

It's sort of funny though. I told Jennifer that even after reading the script over a hundred times, I still find small stupid mistakes like skipping transitional words. I.E. a sentence that is suppose to say, "Jack and his dog walked up a hill" this is how I'm finding it, "Jack and walked up a hill." Completely missing two of the most important words in the sentence. But today I have a try and get through the next hundred pages and then 80 pages by tmw. Then it will be completed and we can send it out. Thank God.

The only relief I have had is working on my book called, "Souls." It's a fiction novel about death and the inner emotional struggles of a person (this sentence is very vague for safety of copyright infringement). I have had a lot of ideas about novels and I half way start them and then I come up with another plot and then I start writing on that one. I never get completely finished. This one though is like sci-fi verse young adult/adultish. It's a book that all ages can learn to appreciate. The only thing I don't have in it is romantic relationships. But who needs another Edward or Jacob when you have my character?

Also, why I'm just going on about random topics, I do hope that you all are appreciating the blogs we have posted so far. We have been putting a lot of thought into them. Not. But realistically, with our crazy schedules this just seems like the right thing to do considering they say that you should write something everyday. And sometimes I don't feel like writing. So, this is what I consider my creative outlet for the day. Toodles.

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Stacey Hays said...

Exnay on the 100 pages has been hell.