Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello World!

Another Big Hola to our followers out there!

2010 was a very challenging year. It was full of creative chemistry and fantastic ideas. We started our first literary journey at the beginning of September. It was frustrating, exciting, and all together fantastical. After a month of research we felt content enough to start writing.

As Jennifer said, it was very satisfying. Our first draft was completed a little less than two weeks. In October and November we focused on our first draft edits and then December and January were completely devoted to second draft edits. Besides ourselves, not one other soul on this planet has read our manuscript even with the begging comments from my husband and other family members. We started with an idea and then that idea has prospered into a huge life altering event. One book, became two, became three. Of course, the only one we have completed is the first one.

Now, that we are almost finished with second draft edits, we can turn it over to the experts. Hopefully we can start working on a few other ideas that we have. Being a duo has really opened up our communication methods. We live over an hour apart and I work fulltime and we both attend college fulltime. It is very challenging. So needless to say, yahoo messenger and our cell phones have become our best friends. We talk on the phone for hours every day and are constantly im'ing about our story lines or new ideas.

It has been a crazy journey but it has also been intense. Even though we have just begun, I feel like starting this blog is starting us on the right track for success. So adieu and thanks for joining.

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